Support our Christmas appeal! 19 Dec 2018

We have had an incredible 2018, launching in the summer, and already supporting scores of babies and families to access [...]

Industry influence and overdiagnosis of cow milk protein allergy 6 Dec 2018

Writing in this week’s British Medical Journal, Dr Chris van Tulleken examines the links between medical education and the formula [...]

Positive News 29 Nov 2018

Literally! Read a short piece about donor milk use in this week’s Positive News here.   There is a vicious [...]

Watch the ‘science bit’ from Dispatches here! 16 Nov 2018

As scientific techniques advance, our understanding of human milk is becoming more detailed. The Dispatches documentary on Channel 4 in [...]

Order your Christmas cards and support the HMF! 27 Oct 2018

The lovely Daisy Rae of SouthonDesigns has created beautiful cards for sale on Etsy for years. As of this week, [...]

Human Milk Foundation on Jeremy Vine! 12 Oct 2018

If you missed it yesterday, you can listen to HMF Cofounder, Natalie Shenker, and Professor Amy Brown from Swansea University [...]

The Hearts Milk Bank needs you! 16 Sep 2018

This is how big the smiles get at Hearts these days – It was Steve’s first delivery of donor milk [...]

Using donor human milk to feed vulnerable term infants – new report 14 Sep 2018

Donor human milk used to be readily available in every hospital to feed sick babies, or babies whose mothers needed [...]

The resurgent influence of big formula 24 Aug 2018

The British Medical Journal, a high-impact medical journal in the UK, commissioned an editorial from Dr Natalie Shenker of the [...]

Best wishes from the Breastfeeding Network! 7 Aug 2018

  You can find out more about the amazing work of the Breastfeeding Network here. We are delighted to be [...]