Please help us raise £50,000 to continue saving babies' lives with donor human milk

Our journey so far has been incredible. We’ve supported thousands of families and babies through times of crisis.

But now we face our biggest challenge yet. The need for donor milk has increased by 150% and, due to the cost of living crisis, our operating costs are rising exponentially.

We desperately want to be able to help every baby who needs access to donor milk, but we currently have to turn milk donors away which is heartbreaking – their precious milk could be helping babies in hospital and at home. We need your help to continue providing our life-saving service so we can support all of the families who need it.

By becoming a Friend of the HMF, donating monthly or a single gift, you will be directly supporting us to bring more donor milk in to the milk bank and help more babies. In return, we’ll keep you updated about what we’re doing with the funds and the impact your gift has made. Your support means the world to us and to the families who we help.

£50,000 will enable us to onboard hundreds of new milk donors, purchase new freezers and equipment and expand our lab space so we can send out more litres of donor milk to vulnerable babies in hospital and families at home.

Join our rapidly growing community of supporters passionate about driving change. Donate directly through the donation box on this page, or contact our cofounder by calling 01582 314132 or email to discuss how you would like to get involved.

Your gift will help change a tiny baby's life forever

Your support enables us to provide donor human milk to sick premature babies in neonatal intensive care which can be life- saving. We now supply 53 NHS hospital NICUs with donor milk across England & Wales with more coming on board.

Every drop of donor milk we supply can change the life of a tiny baby. The funds you donate directly impact the number of babies we can help. Every £100 enables us to onboard a new milk donor, whose donated milk would feed on average up to 20 premature babies.

This short video explains more about how our service operates with words from some of the families we’ve helped. In it Dr Natalie Shenker explains what we hope to achieve with your gift and how you can help. Thank you for supporting us.


"Donor milk made the difference between despair and hope"

Twin baby girls Seren and Rowan were born two months early and spent their first 10 days in neonatal intensive care fighting for their lives with breathing difficulties. Mum was very unwell with preeclampsia after the babies were born and needed time to recover so we provided donor milk. Dad Chris said, “We watched, terrified and unable to hold them but we knew they were getting the precious milk they needed. It made the difference between despair and hope. I genuinely believe that donor milk saved the lives of my twins.”

Your donation will enable us to help more babies like Seren and Rowan.

Buy an HMF gift to support the charity

On World Day of Human Milk Donation 2022 we launched our brand new HMF gift store –

Produced sustainably in the UK, our beautiful mugs and canvas tote bags feature designs based on human milk science and the snowdrop flower – our charity emblem. All proceeds from the store enable us to support more babies with donor milk.

Watch this space for more products and designs coming soon!