Celebrate our 5th birthday with us!

A huge thank you from everyone at The Human Milk Foundation

Thank you to every single individual who supports our charity. From the amazing women who take the time and care to express and donate their surplus milk to The Hearts Milk Bank, the dedicated Blood Bikers who are out on the roads every day ensuring the milk gets to the babies who need it, our brilliant volunteers who support our service and help run our network of hubs, our corporate partners, research partners, to every single hero who has made a financial contribution to support our growth.
Together, we are making a difference to families and helping save tiny lives.
Over the last five years it’s been an honour to provide donor milk to support hospitals and families in the community, and we’ve met so many wonderful people on this journey. As our charity grows up, so do the little ones who we’ve helped. Many of the milk donors and recipient families keep in touch, share their stories and support our work and it’s so lovely to see them each year at our annual picnic. 
Behind every drop of donor milk is a story. We want your words to be at the heart of our 5th birthday celebrations – enjoy the videos on this page and if you’d like to tell us your story, we’d love to hear from you.


Our first 5 years in numbers

1864 donors recruited

17,000 litres pasteurised

52 hospitals supplied

With your help we can scale up to support more babies and families who need donor milk

Can you help us reach our goal?

Our life-saving service

We are working as hard and fast as we can to make sure every baby who could benefit can have access to donor milk, but we need your help. Demand for donor milk has doubled since the pandemic, and alongside it so has the cost of running our service. We rely upon the generosity and goodwill of charitable donations to continue to provide donor milk to babies in hospital and at home, and every pound makes a difference.

£10 pays for a milk donor onboarding pack.
£20 helps feed a premature baby in hospital for a day.
£50 keeps our volunteers delivering milk for a week
£100 recruits one new milk donor, whose milk would feed on average 20 babies.

You can give a lifeline to a newborn baby by making a contribution to this appeal.

By donating you are doing something amazing. Thank you, from us and from the babies and families we support.

Share your story with us

If you've been part of our journey, through donating your milk, receiving donor milk or supporting the charity and you would like to share your experience with us we'd love to hear from you!

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