Your donation could help save a tiny baby's life

We rely upon the generosity and goodwill of our supporters to be able to continue providing this life-changing service to families. Every pound donated really does make a difference, please help if you can.


Pays for one milk donor onboarding pack


Feeds a premature baby with donor milk for a day


Helps our volunteers deliver donor milk for a week

A GIFT OF £100

Recruits one new milk donor, whose milk would feed on average 20 babies

Help more babies receive life-changing donor milk


How far have we come on our mission?

Every day our growing team is racing to help more hospitals, more families and more projects that spread knowledge about human milk. Get in touch if you can help!


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Koan's Story

Koan was born with a rare genetic condition and received donor milk from the HMF. Watch Koan’s parents - Shurron and Kel tell their amazing story.


The incredible difference you're making

Recent News

HMF Launches Snowdrop Campaign

The snowdrop flower is the emblem of the HMF. Also known as the milk flower, it signifies hope after the winter, being the first bulb to flower as spring approaches. Snowdrop Donors are the name adopted by bereaved mothers who donate in tribute to their babies. Our charity revolves around their care and support. We are fundraising for their support nationally, partnering with the Memory Milk Gift Initiative, and for the planting of snowdrops in Milk Woods across the country.

Upcoming Events

A night at the theatre to support The HMF!

Come along for a night of entertainment at the Abbey Theatre – presenting the hilarious comedy ‘Absurd Person Singular’ by Alan Ayckbourn. All ticket proceeds support The Human Milk Foundation.

DATE: Thursday 22nd September


WHERE: Abbey Theatre, Westminster Lodge, Holywell Hill, St. Albans, AL1 2DL

About the play: A wry, dark, very funny social comedy. Set in the 1970s but still much of relevance to present day attitudes. The play visits three very different kitchens on three Christmas Eves, where three couples each hold a drinks party, and like so many parties, the main action is in the kitchen. While following the ups & downs of the three couples’ fortunes, the laughs keep coming.

Research & Science

Unknown facts about human milk

Human milk is a remarkable fluid, changing by the minute, hour, day and season to respond to the needs of the developing baby. Milk adapts to protect babies from infections in their environment, supplies stem cells and immune cells from the mother, and patterns the development of every organ in the body. Yet human milk is full of unknowns.

Our commitment to scientific discovery not only aims to help families understand the magic of milk, but make sure that milk banking processes are continually innovating and improving.