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The Human Milk Foundation was set up to give the opportunity of being fed with human milk to more babies, and to enable parents to have access to the astonishing science that is starting to explain the impact of breastfeeding on babies and mothers over a lifetime.

Breastfeeding can be challenging. New mothers may need time to establish their supply and support to get feeding on track. If supplemental feeding is necessary, the safest option is screened donor milk from a human milk bank. Along with skilled lactation support, donor milk can help to support mothers to establish their own confidence and milk supply.

We believe a new approach is possible. Mothers want to help other mothers. All that is needed to increase the amount of donor milk available is the resources and will to make the logistics possible. Research to unpick the links between Our core vision is to ensure that all babies can have access to screened donor milk when their own mothers cannot produce milk, or need time and support to get there.

Change is possible, but it needs nurturing. Join us to make this vision a reality for the generations to come.

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Our birthday was on 1st August, 2018! This year make your birthday a #tinybirthday – your present will help give tiny babies their future

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