Last week, volunteers from Epson in Hemel Hempstead joined members of the Human Milk Foundation team and the Hearts Milk Bank plant a giant snowdrop heart in honour of bereaved mums who donate their milk to help other babies. The sun shone, and the Mayor of Harpenden came to plant a cluster of bulbs herself. You can read more about the morning in Hemel Today.

The Hearts Milk Bank team supports each individual milk donor who chooses to donate their precious gift of donor milk, but this is even more crucial for mums who choose to donate their milk following the death of their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early death. For these mothers, donating milk can be especially poignant.

“It’s our hope that this small gesture will offer ongoing support to those brave mothers while removing any physical challenges that may come with pumping breast milk,” said Dr. Natalie Shenker – Co-Founder of the Hearts Milk Bank. “The courage and kindness of each bereaved donor are so admirable, and we’re proud to be offering our support. We will continue to do whatever we can to help. We know just how important it can be for mothers to donate, even while coping with the greatest pain, to know that their gift can help others and we extend our deepest thanks to all bereaved milk donors.

The team has been contacted by several donors over the last week who gave their milk, to say that they too have planted snowdrop bulbs for their babies this week. In the springtime, please send us your snowdrop pictures to contibute towards a memorial for these precious babies and honour their gift tp help others.