A very special story from one of the 500 recipient families was featured on BBC Radio 4’s The Untold today. Our lactation support team is used to supporting families in difficult and often traumatic situations. About two thirds of these families have needed a bridge to breastfeeding, and our records suggest that 70% of women go on to establish their own milk supply. This is having a significant impact on the well-being of parents, with the first of a series of ongoing studies published this year with Professor Amy Brown around the mental health impacts of donor milk availability.

This story today is kindly shared by two sets of parents, whose lives interweave in the most remarkable way. In our current difficult times, this is a story of hope and altruism in its purest form, highlighting the care and help of networks of women, milk donors, who remain invisible, and the most surprising turn of events that life can throw. We are so grateful for all who chose to share their story, and wish everyone the best in the future to come.