After talking with neonatal unit teams across our region last month, one of the barriers to the use of donor human milk for babies in intensive care was language. Supported by Espresso Translations, we were able to get the top eight most requested translations completed just today!

The clinical teams are able to give this information now to parents where donor milk is needed, so they can learn about how milk donors are recruited, how donor milk is processed, and how the systems in place at the Hearts Milk Bank ensure safety at every step.

Arabic                 Bengali                Gujurati
Hindi                  Punjabi            Romanian
Tamil               Urdu

We now have plans to add Spanish, Portuguese and Polish are coming, but if other languages would be useful for parents in your unit, please contact us.

If you would like to support this work, then each translation of both the consent form and information leaflet costs around £100 for each language. But each will be used to help support thousands of families in the future! You can donate this week through the Champions for Children campaign, and every pound will be doubled.

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