After our recent appeal for someone to run the London Marathon and raise funds for us along the way we had an amazing response. Thank you to all of you who got in touch, and we hope you will all find an opportunity over the year to run to help tiny babies!
But we are delighted to introduce the fantastic Nikki! She is not only an IBCLC in Norfolk, working to help mums every day, but has received donated milk for her own babies and so knows all too well what impact that can make.
She has set up a fundraising page and will be updating her training in the run up to the Big Day! Please follow her progress and show your support – it’s an amazing thing to take on!
Here’s Nikki’s first update ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️
Run 1:
Training did not get off to the best start. The enormity of the challenge and the short time to get there had me feeling nervous and very keen to get some miles in. I started with a hill run. I don’t like running uphill (good thing that the marathon route is flat) and it left me completely puffed out and even more nervous but it was a start. Two days later, my back decided it didn’t like training either and left me hobbling around and unable to properly walk let alone run. Torn between the need to start clocking up some miles and the need to let my back recover, I sulkily opted for recovery, massage and iced gems (the perfect injury snack?). Fast forward a week and I tested things out with a slow and painful 7k, wondering how on Earth I was going to do this. And then on a freezing cold evening this week I persuaded my long suffering husband to run with me, telling him that we would do 10k. After 7 miles I left him at the front door to get dinner ready whilst I carried on for another couple of miles. 9 miles under my belt. A third of the distance completed. Game on!