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Our journey so far has been incredible.

We’ve supported thousands of families and babies. Yet there is more to be done.

As our work continues and our team grows, the need for support and donor milk has increased. Now we need your help to take this to the next level. We believe that every baby who could benefit should have access to donor milk and we’re on a mission to make this possible.

By becoming a Friend of the HMF, donating monthly or a single gift, you will make this vision a reality.

Every Friend of the HMF will become part of a community, receiving regular updates and invites to events that highlight the impact of your generosity and the work we have been able to do as a result. You’ll also hear the stories of the amazing families who we work with.

Join our rapidly growing community of supporters passionate about driving change. Donate directly here, or contact our cofounder by calling 01582314132 or emailing to discuss how you would like to get involved with our community.

Our second year

What could your gift achieve?

  1. 1. £500 will buy all the transport bags a hub will need, lasting for years
  2. 2. £1000 would enable us to recruit 10 milk donors, supporting scores of vulnerable babies and helping to prevent life-threatening complications
  3. 3. £5000 would support at least 20 families in the community, including mothers with cancer, babies with complex needs, and so many more
  4. 4. £10,000 would establish a hub, helping us to reach parts of the country that currently have no access to donor milk

What could you do?

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By keeping milk banking services open, your present will help give a tiny baby their future

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