Julia tells her amazing story

Mum Julia suffers from severe multiple sclerosis (MS). This meant that soon after giving birth, she had to restart powerful medication that meant breastfeeding would be impossible and although we helped her build up a stash, it didn’t last for long. Thanks to our wonderful donors and SERV Riders, we were able to send 13 litres to keep baby Lioba fed for a few more weeks. Julia wrote to us:

“The Hearts Milk Bank provision of donor milk was a saviour for my newborn and myself. Due to having MS and having to go onto aggressive medical treatment soon after birth, I could only breastfeed for a few weeks. I was so worried my baby would not receive all the nutrition and antibodies only to be found in breast milk. Although she was a little birdie when she was born, my baby fortunately wasn’t premature but that meant accessing milk from hospital milk banks was impossible.

The Hearts Milk Bank’s team were so understanding, supportive and helpful and receiving the donor milk was so swift and easy. I cannot thank all those at the Hearts Milk Bank and the ladies who donated their milk enough. It is a little gem and I am so thankful I found them! Due to their support I did not feel as upset not being able to feed my baby my own milk. She is now 4 months old and a whopping 8 kilograms! Thank you all so very, very much for your fabulous work, Julia and Lioba.”