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The Trustees of the Human Milk Foundation are delighted to announce the first £12,000 grant call of our charity’s history! We welcome applications from research groups in the UK working in the following key areas of our charity’s research strategy:

1) To investigate the evidence for the use of donor milk and how that impacts on infant health, maternal physical and mental health, and breastfeeding rates

2) To understand the composition and variability of human milk within and across individuals and populations, and how donor milk may be used as a therapeutic tool

3) To understand the health economic, psychosocial and environmental impacts of donor milk availability and use

4) To understand optimal procedures for the preparation and use of donor milk.

The BAPM Report in 2016 highlighted a list of key areas of research, which includes suggestions for research that fall within these four objectives.

Projects will be peer reviewed and formalled selected by our Research Committee. They should be completed within 12 months.


Call opens 7th October 2020
Application deadline 7th December 2020, midnight
Applications triaged and sent for peer review
Research Committee meeting First week of February 2021
Trustees ratify the selection Last week of February 2021
Successful applicant notified First week of March 2021
Funds transferred 1st April 2021



You can complete the form to submit a grant application to the HMF here.

To see the full list of questions before you complete your application, please click here. Please send any queries about the process to research@humanmilkfoundation.org or info@humanmilkfoundation.org.