“The lifeline everyone should know about”

When Kim’s baby needed intensive care shortly after his birth, establishing a milk supply became enormously difficult. With the support of amazing NICU teams and donor human milk from the Hearts Milk Bank Kim overcame the most awful odds and is still feeding Indigo after celebrating his 1st birthday! Kim launched Tits Up in August, […]

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Sharing our 3rd birthday joy!

On the 3rd birthday of the HMF we look back at the extraordinary year it’s been. 3602 litres of donor milk pasteurised supplying over 40 NHS hospitals and 171 families supported in the community. And that was through a global pandemic when access to human milk and support has been more vital than ever. We […]

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Equitable access to human milk is now more vital than ever

Our work to support mothers and babies in the UK was featured this week on Channel News Asia last week. An estimated 60 million households across Asia and Oceania heard about the need for skilled support and access to donor milk as a bridge to breastfeeding, and the pressures caused by the pandemic. Click on […]

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Grateful to The Funding Network!

Back in 2019, about 18 months after our charity launched, we won a place to present our work to The Funding Network. It was a special night. We spoke for 6 minutes about our work, answered questions for another 10, and then retreated out of the room while everyone pledged a pot of money. Together, […]

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Parent information translated

After talking with neonatal unit teams across our region last month, one of the barriers to the use of donor human milk for babies in intensive care was language. Supported by Espresso Translations, we were able to get the top eight most requested translations completed just today! The clinical teams are able to give this […]

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COVID-19 vaccination and fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding, or just have questions about any of these issues, then please watch this webinar from the 19th April 2021, organised by Pregnant Then Screwed and hosted by Rt Hon Stella Creasy MP. HMF Cofounder and Imperial College Fellow Dr Natalie Shenker talks through the latest evidence […]

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Milk donation and COVID-19 vaccination

Women in the UK are now able to receive vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 after a change in guidance by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). For women who receive a COVID-19 vaccination while donating milk to Hearts, please let the team know on the screening questionnaire, but there is […]

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Snowdrop planting

Last week, volunteers from Epson in Hemel Hempstead joined members of the Human Milk Foundation team and the Hearts Milk Bank plant a giant snowdrop heart in honour of bereaved mums who donate their milk to help other babies. The sun shone, and the Mayor of Harpenden came to plant a cluster of bulbs herself. […]

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Undermining breastfeeding will not alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic – published in The Lancet

It is a sign of how strange 2020 continues to be that publishing in The Lancet comes with a sense of great sadness, rather than celebration. But the response from Dr Natalie Shenker and colleagues from the Global Alliance of Milk Banks and Associations to a flawed case report published in May that suggested SARS-CoV-2 […]

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Launching our first research call

One of the barriers to advancing our understanding of human milk, breastfeeding and milk bank service provision has been the lack of prioritisation of these fields in the funding models of major funders. Researchers might have a good idea, but can’t get the funds to support the work. Or they might have made some interesting […]

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Help us to save babies’ lives throughout COVID-19

We have seen a 100% increase in the need for donor milk during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have had to scale up all milk bank operations, providing donor milk to scores of babies in hospital neonatal intensive care and at home. Sadly, our funding has taken a huge cut and we now urgently need to […]

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Help celebrate our 2nd birthday!

We are proud to invite you to a very special celebration on Saturday 1st August – the Human Milk Foundation will be turning 2! We had originally planned to have a large event at Rothamsted to celebrate our birthday this year, but due to the restrictions and as many of the families we support are […]

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Launching our first Milk Mobile!

Does anyone remember the milk mobile idea…? Well… we made one! Three incredible designs from the talented design students at Longdean School in Hemel Hempstead were brought together by Bicester Graphic Studio and the whole project was coordinated by the help of Epson UK – the wrap was even produced by their whizzy SureColor SC-S80600 […]

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Our contribution to the new Royal College of Midwives COVID-19 Rapid Review

Care of the most vulnerable babies in neonatal units has been difficult to manage since the COVID-19 pandemic began, without knowing fully how this new disease affects infants and whether it can be transmitted from the mother.   This new rapid review for the The Royal College of Midwives, to which HMF cofounder Dr Natalie […]

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12.06.2020 WHO states no evidence of live coronavirus in human milk

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is no evidence of live coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in human milk. Although a handful of reports have shown RNA to be present in some mothers, these are thought to be fragments of the virus that could help the infant immune system recognise and fight the virus in future. […]

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