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This week 8 – 15 June we are taking part in the Champions for Children campaign with The Childhood Trust. Thanks to them and our wonderful pledge supporters, every donation made through the campaign page on the Big Give will be match funded this week meaning double the impact!


Much like donated blood, donor human milk can be life-saving premature babies. Tiny babies are very vulnerable due to their immature immune systems. A condition called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) kills more babies each year than childhood leukaemia. Human milk helps prevent babies from developing NEC, so if mum’s own milk is not available, donor milk acts like a medicine to protect the baby. Currently not all babies have access to donor milk due to lack of funding to milk banks. Our aim is to scale up as quickly as funds will allow us, to onboard more milk donors and pasteurise more donor milk so that every baby who could benefit can have access to it. 

Our goal is to raise £5,000 in donations this week which will be doubled by match funding to a total of £10,000. The money raised from this campaign will enable us to:

Thank you for your support!